Who has the most combat action ribbons

The Coveted Combat Action Ribbon May Be The Corps’ Most Divisive Award

Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen in clandestine, stealth, or special operations, where their ability to return hostile fire is curtailed, are deemed eligible for consideration of the award. The Navy Combat Action Ribbon was first authorized on 17 Februaryand is awarded to members of the Navy and Marine Corps with the ranks of or lower than captain and colonel respectively.

Air combat does not meet the criteria for the Combat Action Ribbon; Naval AviatorsNaval Flight Officers and enlisted Naval Aircrewman, while in the performance of aerial flight, are eligible for consideration for the Air Medalalthough this award requires far more combat exposure over a prolonged period. The Coast Guard Combat Action Ribbon was authorized on 16 Julyand may be awarded to members of the Coast Guard in the rank of captain and below, "who have actively participated in ground or maritime combat.

A Combat Action Ribbon is not automatic; after consideration of specified criteria the member's service may award the CAR. For a military member to be awarded a Combat Action Ribbon evidence must establish the member engaged the enemy, was under hostile fire, or was physically attacked by the enemy.

The service member's enemy engagement must have been with honor to the United States and to the satisfaction of the Service.

USCG Combat Action Ribbon policy

Evidence must show a service member was in actual combat, not merely present in the area where combat is occurring; the mere presence in a combat zone does not qualify a service member for the award. The Combat Action Ribbon is a ribbon-only decoration in contrast to military branches that award a badge or medal. Compare: the U. The Combat Action Ribbon is awarded only to individual service members. The CAR cannot be awarded to a military unit, station, or group, although multiple individual service members may be nominated for the award stemming from the same combat action s.

The Combat Action Ribbon is worn in order of precedence on a member's " ribbon rack " displayed on the left or right side of a service member's uniform. Three awards are signified with the ribbon and two stars. In full dress uniform, medals are worn on the member's left side, because the Combat Action Ribbon is not a medal, the ribbon is worn on the right side of the member's uniform.

The CAR is currently authorized with a U. Navy to include the U. Marine Corps and a U. Coast Guard version. Prior toU. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard veterans are advised to submit eligibility requests, etc.

In Januarythe awarding criteria were expanded to include dangerous exposure to IEDs, mines, and scatterable munitions, be it the detonation of such or direct action taken to disable, render safe, or destroy such; servicemembers may be deemed eligible if the IEDs are detonated or specifically emplaced by the enemy.

Previous eligibility applied only to exposure to IEDs actually detonated by the enemy. Eligibility under this criterion is retroactive only to 7 October Navy sailors aboard a commissioned warship were awarded the ribbon for combat occurring at sea. The Coast Guard version of the CAR is awarded to members of the Coast Guard who have actively participated in a ground or maritime engagement. Satisfactory performance under fire with the enemy is required.

Other minor operations and specific actions are authorized the ribbon as determined by the Commandant of the Coast Guard. Only one award per operation is authorized.

Inthe U. Those Coast Guard members in Vietnam who engaged in combat were awarded the U. Naval Forces Vietnam.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Four Navy ship crews received the combat action ribbon, or CAR, this summer after coming under enemy fire last fall, the first time the sea service has provided such a recognition in more than 25 years. Sailors on the destroyers Mason and Nitze, as well as those on the amphibious transport docks Ponce and San Antonio, received the decoration in June, Navy officials said. That record skipped in Octoberwhen Houthi rebels based in Yemen fired on the ships as they traversed the Red Sea.

For their responsive actions, the involved sailors can now wear a ribbon not bestowed upon their brethren for operations in international waters since the Gulf War. As a result, the Mason become the only Navy ship to successfully fire the Sea Sparrow while under attack, according to the Navy. For more newsletters click here. The ships then maneuvered southwest, opening the Yemeni coast in the process, with the Mason staying in a screening position along the threat axis, according to the records.

A second rebel missile was fired about an hour later and fell into the sea due to it not having enough fuel to reach the increased range Mason achieved in its defensive measures. The Ponce engaged its own defense weapons and maneuvered in a way that allowed the Mason to provide a protective screen as they left the area. Another coastal defense missile was fired at the ship by the rebels, and the Mason again engaged the missile by firing a SM-2 missile.

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Mason stayed in position along the threat sector as the other ships moved north into safer waters. The splash point was within 10 miles, a defense official told Navy Times shortly after the incident, referring to the distance from the ships that the missiles reached before crashing into the water.

This time, rebels fired five anti-ship cruise missiles, according to the Navy. The Mason fired off a radar decoy, an infrared decoy and several SM-2s in response. But that only took care of four of the missiles. The fifth was incoming on the accompanying destroyer Nitze. Again, the Mason and her crew remained in a defensive screening position as the other ships moved to safety. It caps a good for the men and women of the Mason.

The Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 74 conducted near-daily flight operations as well, with sorties. Stephen Aldridge, said. Geoff is a senior staff reporter for Military Times, focusing on the Navy.

who has the most combat action ribbons

He covered Iraq and Afghanistan extensively and was most recently a reporter at the Chicago Tribune. He welcomes any and all kinds of tips at geoffz militarytimes.Master Sgt. Orlando Reyes was taken aback when he was ridiculed on social media for not having a Combat Action Ribbon after being named the Military Times' Marine of the Year.

While Reyes, a logistician, had three deployments to Iraq under his belt, his duties had never put him in a position to participate in a combat engagement. They think, because of the rack of someone's chest, they have insight into that individual. The growing discord surrounding Combat Action Ribbons — the award issued by the sea services for active participation in ground or surface combat — is troubling some leaders.

The online criticism illustrates an increasingly vocal perspective among Marines, especially those in the ground combat community. This perspective holds that a Marines' worth and authenticity is closely connected to combat experience, and that those who lack this experience are less deserving of respect.

In some ways, this viewpoint is a natural outgrowth of 14 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. But Commandant Gen. Joseph Dunford is making it clear that he has no patience for it. So that will be my message to Marines.

who has the most combat action ribbons

For more newsletters click here. When Dunford named Sgt. Ronald Green as his senior enlisted adviser in January, most Marines expressed interest in his background and the reputation he'd built as a thoughtful and involved leader. But a loud minority couldn't get past the stack of ribbons on his chest. Green, a career artilleryman, did not have a Combat Action Ribbonthe award issued by the sea services for active participation in ground or surface combat. Others complained that the newly chosen sergeant major of the Marine Corps didn't measure up to other senior leaders Marines who had earned combat valor awards.

Green took the comments in stride. When a Marine is tested in combat, Dunford said, how he or she performs is important. But, he added, the same can be said for every task and field to which Marines are assigned. And it really is about the quality of your performance in the task that you've been assigned that's most important, once you wear the eagle, globe and anchor. And that's how I'm going to approach this issue. These comments from Dunford, a decorated infantry officer, represents a rebuke to the grunt-centric culture that glorifies combat experience above all else.

What remains to be seen, though, is whether the commandant's message is enough to change the culture — or if only time can do that. Green isn't the only Marine leader to face criticism for lack of a Combat Action Ribbon. Though criticism at Green's selection was the most recent high-profile incident in which criticism for lack of a Combat Action Ribbon came to light, other Marine leaders have also taken heat for their ribbon stacks.

Now-retired Gen. James Amos, the 35th commandant and the first from the aviation community, received so much heat online for his lack of a CAR that an aide once jumped into the fray to defend him. The division is a relatively new challenge for the Corps.

It was retroactively applied to combat engagements stretching back toand later extended to cover combat dating from the December 7,Pearl Harbor attack that marked the U.

who has the most combat action ribbons

There is a divide between some Marines who believe combat experience trumps all, and those who feel it should be respected, not revered. Photo Credit: Cpl. And prior to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Combat Action Ribbons were a rare sight rather than an expected one.

Andrew Northam, a Marine infantry veteran who served from torecalled the reverence that surrounded the CAR during that largely peacetime period. Because there were so few opportunities to earn a CAR, he said, they weren't treated like a badge of authenticity.Coast Guard that may be awarded to those who, in any grade including and below that of a Captain in the U.

Navy and U.

The Coveted Combat Action Ribbon May Be The Corps’ Most Divisive Award

Coast Guard or Colonel in the U. Marine Corpshave actively participated in ground or surface combat. As of Maythe United States Army has created a new decoration known as the Combat Action Badge previously known as the Combat Recognition Ribbon which is considered the direct Army equivalent to the Combat Action Ribbon, though the CAB is not available to infantry or medical Soldiers who are in combat arms units, and is available to officers at or below the rank of Colonel.

Navy Combat Action Ribbon, e. The criterion for the USCG Combat Action Ribbon is satisfactory performance under enemy fire while actively participating in a ground or maritime engagement. Sign In Don't have an account? Combat Action Ribbon Top: U. Marine Corps Bottom: U. Coast Guard. Military awards of the United States Department of the Navy. Navy Expeditionary Marine Corps Expeditionary. Awards and decorations of the United States Coast Guard.

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Combat Action Ribbon

Cancel Save. Top: U. This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia view authors.Six Flags is among many organizations coming under fire for awarding military medals to their employees. Robert Smith, an infantryman who served in the Corps during the first Gulf War, said he recently showed his son the awards he earned during his time as a Marine.

But when they walked through the ticket gates at the Six Flags amusement park on Saturday, his son pointed to the security guards and told Smith they were wearing ribbons just like his. Smith said he asked the security guard wearing the Combat Action Ribbon what the stars stood for, and he said they represented reuniting lost children with their parents.

By Tuesday, the park cancelled their use of repurposed Defense Department ribbons. The uniform policy was not a company-wide policy, so only applied to the Illinois location, Enrique said. Except that one year not long ago I think the NDAA made it legal for honorably-discharged veterans, retirees and active duty persons to wear their ribbons on appropriate civilian attire.

The intention was for patriotic holidays such as 4th of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, service birthdays and the like. I disagree with you on this issue, James. Military awards, especially combat-related awards, are uniquely meaningful. It has been illegal falsely to wear the Medal of Honor for decades. I find this really offensive.

Part of the problem here is that a lot of the medal ribbons are rather generic. The Combat Action ribbonat least, is complex enough to be distinctive.

But it seems ridiculous to suggest that the US military some how claims exclusive use of a navy blue box with a white stripe. Of course military personnel have the right to any opinion they want. Or — wait a second — do you and people on your political side really think you speak with the full moral authority of anyone whom you stand up for?

Stormy Dragon : But why did you think I considered myself to be speaking on behalf of every serviceman? Well I gues you could have meant defintion 10, but it came across a lot more like 5 to me. But it was an insult nonetheless.Click here to download the presentation submitted by Sgt Matthew Nelson. Awarded to Soldiers who have served in military operations to combat terrorism since 11 September Awarded to Soldiers in a deployed status who have served in military expeditions to combat terrorism since 11 September Soldier must be performing assigned duties in an area where hostile fire pay or imminent danger pay is authorized.

Soldier must be personally present and actively engaging or being engaged by the enemy, and performing satisfactorily in accordance with the prescribed rules of engagement. Sponsored advertisement:.

Marvel strike force update

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No CAR, no respect: The push to end the ribbon rack divide

Vietnam War. How many combat action ribbons were awarded in Vietnam War? Wiki User Although medals and ribbons are important today, especially for those that have never been in combat; ribbons and medals, for the majority of men fighting in Vietnam, were NOT important.

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We had a saying in Vietnam, concerning the Purple Heart medal, " Probably the most important "ARMY" award was the Infantryman's CIB, and for proof of it's importance, the high brass of the US Army has constantly defended against creating similar badges for the sister combat arms; Artillery and Armor. Any and all drafted men became "cannon fodder" foot soldiers, since time began, the foot soldier was the agony of all fighting men.

Being in the mounted cavalry or the civilized artillery was the easy life of the rich and educated men; but the poor man without a horse he normally had to purchase his own horseor the un-educated man without the mathematical ability necessary for the artillery, was destined for the dreary life of the infantry. In Vietnam we had another saying; for those wanting to wear the CIB: " Related Questions Asked in Military Awards and Medals Was the uss eversole dd awarded the combat action ribbon for service in Vietnam?

Action Ribbon as a result of our action in the Gulf of Tonkin.

who has the most combat action ribbons

Apr thru Nov Stone served with the 25th Infantry Division and the 1st Calvary Division in Vietnam and was awarded both the Purple Heart and Bronze Star medals for gallantry in action. The US Bronze Star Medal is awarded for deeds other than combat related action, but the medal with a "V" on it indicates it is awarded for combat action "V" for Valor.

You weren't in active combat zone. If you were authorised the wear of a combat patch, you'd have received orders for it. You may, however, be awarded campaign ribbons and medals.

Asked in Military Awards and Medals Can you wear a combat action badge on dress blue uniform? Yes, you are authorized to wear the combat action badge on the dress blue uniform. No list exists. The Vietnam War lasted 10, days, and involved over one million US military personnel. Purple Heart medal awards were awarded for combat wounds or death in combat.

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Given the numbers, thousands, if not tens of thousands were awarded. Granted, there were likely posthumous awards, but that's hardly gratifying. Since then, the annual "Battle E" Battle Efficiency is awarded instead to the best combat units who have displayed superior battle efficiency in place of combat operations against the enemy. Asked in Military Awards and Medals Combat action ribbon you are now in the Army can you wear the combat action badge?

Check your records to see what you have been awarded. I said whatever award is on YOUR record is what you are authorized to wear. If awarded the 'combat action badge', that is what can be worn. Nothing in regulations allow changing one award for another

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